A professionally managed company, Clar Aqua Pvt Ltd (CAP) is one of those organizations which provide effective solutions in the field of water treatment. We undertake all water and waste water treatment projects starting from effluent treatment to reverse osmosis. The company has been incorporated with the idea to safeguard the fifth element - WATER.

CAP is the brain child of a team of vibrant and highly qualified engineers with enthusiasm and dedication to make CAP the leader in providing all water solutions under the sky. CAP is in the hands of experts who share a passion to make it big by creating a revolution in the field of water treatment by providing technologically advanced water solutions at a price which is cheap and affordable to all the range of clients.

A brief description of these follows:

CAP undertakes a large number of water and waste water treatment projects. We use very advanced technology and see to it that we provide our customers with the most excellent service. We introduce ourselves as project coordinator providing designing, manufacturing and installation services on turnkey basis for various projects.
We also undertake the re-vamping of old small plants as well as repairs of existing plants. With our consultancy services and technical assistance, we have proved our credentials in providing finest ideas and plant erections. We have been a reliable source for our clients.
We also have a wide range of products to our credit. We deal with products ranging from filters to chemicals. The products we supply are of very high quality and very efficient. We also deal with annual maintenance contracts (AMC). We are very consistent in all the AMC’s that we take up and we see to it that the plants run very well under our supervision thus giving no chance to our clients to complain or have any discomfort of any kind.

We aim to provide the right type of water for the right needs which include drinking, boiler feed, recycle, environment friendly effluent composition, hospital needs, so on and so forth. By aiming to provide the right water, we take up a personal responsibility to see to it that we execute all the works that we take up with at most sincerity and dedication such that we can provide our clients with what they ask for in the best possible quality supported by advanced technology

As a team who wish to make a difference to the field of water treatment, we have a vision. Our vision is to provide more cost-effective and comprehensive project solutions, products of latest technology, first class 24 X 7 on call service which can be implemented without hassles by interested parties.